August 24, 2017



Devil's Foot Ginger Beer - Classic

Our flagship Ginger Beer is made with just 5 all-natural ingredients - and with only 15g of sugar, it's a light, refreshing alternative to overly-sugary ginger beers available.

Keep it Simple.  Keep it Fresh.

Try it alone or make it a Mule!

Cheers and Drink It In!

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Devil's Foot Ginger Beer - Fuego

Need some spice in your life?  'Fuego' brings that extra ginger heat!  Still only 5 ingredients - organic, all-natural, and a fraction of the sugar used in competitors ginger beers - but with a new recipe to kick the heat into overdrive.  Grab one and see for yourself!


Future's So Bright Sparkling Lemonade

We fresh-squeeze over 600 organic lemons in each batch of our flagship sparkling lemonade, and - with some organic sugar and a touch of organic honey - create a supremely delectable lemonade. Then....we carbonate it.  Grab one to quench your thirst or to mix with your favorite spirit for a light, bright cocktail!


PINK ROBOTS Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade

One of our first small-batch creations, we were inspired by this drink's beautiful pink color to reference our favorite Flaming Lips record in naming it PINK ROBOTS!  We use fresh, local strawberries to create a flavorful, all-natural fruited sparkling lemonade for kids and bigs alike!  Do you realize?


Future's So Bright Sparkling

We couldn't stop without expressing our love for limes.  Once again, we fresh-squeeze numerous organic limes to create our Limeade.  With the light addition of organic cane sugar & regional honey, you'll love our balanced, delicious carbonated limeade.  Equally appetizing as a daily beverage or a mouthwatering cocktail addition, drink it in today!

GingBerry WEB

Devil's Foot
Ginger Berry

Our special small-batch collaboration with some of our besties at Botanist & Barrel out of Cedar Grove, NC - Ginger Berry!  Fresh, local blackberries infused in our Classic Ginger Beer brings a tartness and extra dimension that is soooooo good!  Try one and you'll be an instant believer - I mean, how doesn't that sound delicious?

The first of many collaborations to come, so be ready!