August 24, 2017


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Devil's Foot Ginger Beer

Our flagship Ginger Beer is made with just 5 all-natural ingredients - and with only 15g of sugar, it's a light, refreshing alternative to overly-sugary ginger beers available.

Keep it Simple.  Keep it Fresh.

Try it alone or make it a Mule!

Cheers and Drink It In!

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Devil's Foot Ginger Beer - Fuego

Need some spice in your life?  'Fuego' brings that extra ginger heat!  Still only 5 ingredients - organic, all-natural, and a fraction of the sugar used in competitors ginger beers - but with a new recipe to kick the heat into overdrive.  Grab one and see for yourself!


Future's So Bright Sparkling Lemonade

We fresh-squeeze over 600 organic lemons in each batch of our flagship sparkling lemonade, and - with some organic sugar and a touch of organic honey - have created a supremely delectable lemonade. Then....we carbonated it.  Grab one to quench your thirst or to mix with your favorite spirit for a light, bright cocktail!


Small-Batch Seasonal Offerings

Y'all, we would get bored just doing the same thing over and over...we want to mix it up.  So - with the help of some local farmers - we aim to experiment with different, super fresh organic fruits & roots to create small-batch, seasonal non-alcoholic craft beverages for the community.  Our first was a Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade, and we'll be following up with several different options throughout the year.  Go ahead and get 'em, as we put in as much time to crafting these flavors as we have with our flagships.  Drink It In!